Kobe Bryant On Who’d Win 1-On-1 Between Him And LeBron James

Kobe Bryant On Who’d Win 1-On-1 Between Him And LeBron James

Los Angeles Lakers legend Kobe Bryant is being enshrined in the Hall of Fame this week.

As a result, a number of old stories about Bryant are being rehashed – including one particular gem.

Back in 2010, when both he and LeBron James were members of the Team USA basketball team, Bryant was asked who’d win in a game of one-on-one between the pair.

You can probably guess how that went over.

Bryant didn’t hesitate.

There have been a ton of incredible Bryant stories this past week.

Everything from Pau Gasol revealing the two sides of his personality, to Gary Payton expounding on why veterans hated him so much early on, to Michael Jordan sharing his final text message exchange with the Lakers legend.

It has been a truly touching tribute to a one-of-a-kind icon.

Bryant’s impact on basketball and the fanhood he inspired is unmatched, so it’s great to see him getting the respect he deserves from the entire hoops-watching community.

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