Knicks Locker Room Has A Julius Randle Problem?

Knicks Locker Room Has A Julius Randle Problem?

In 2020 the New York Knicks experienced an immensely successful season that saw them make the playoffs. There was a lot of optimism that the franchise would be able to build on that this year.

Unfortunately, 26 games into the season, things have been rough.

The Knicks are 12-14 and sit 12th in the Eastern Conference.

One potential problem may be the team’s biggest star, Julius Randle.

“One source believes locker-room leadership has started to become an issue. Randle is not a born leader, self-admittedly the quiet type, as is Derrick Rose,” reported Marc Berman of the New York Post.

“Other leadership candidates would be hard-pressed to be the team’s motivational speaker: Kemba Walker, banished from the rotation; Evan Fournier, the struggling French newcomer not known as an orator; Taj Gibson currently out of the playing mix.”

Randle received a $117 million contract extension from the Knicks last season. That comes with certain expectations. And so far all he has done is complain and underdeliver.

“When you look at the team, there really isn’t an outspoken leader,’’ an NBA source added to Berman. “You look at every team in the NBA, they have an outspoken leader. Is there an outspoken leader or is everyone being too respectful to each other and not wanting to voice their opinion?”

The Knicks are currently being mentioned in a fairly blockbuster trade. If it occurs, it may turn their entire season around.

If it doesn’t – this shaping up to become one of the more disappointing Knick seasons in recent memory.

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