Klay Thompson Picks A 2020 NBA Champion

Klay Thompson Picks A 2020 NBA Champion

Klay Thompson Picks A 2020 NBA Champion

Klay Thompson is used to being in the NBA Finals. Over the past five years, in large part due to his efforts, the Golden State Warriors have emerged as the Western Conference’s representatives each and every time.

This season is different, though. The Warriors did not even make the cut to enter the NBA bubble, so a new team will emerge from the West.

During a recent interview, Thompson indicated that he believed it would ultimately be the Los Angeles Clippers. As for who they will face, the 30-year-old thinks it will be the Milwaukee Bucks coming out of the Eastern Conference.

“I think it will be [the Milwaukee] Bucks over the [Los Angeles] Clippers in seven games,” he said.

“Think that will be a barn burner of a fire.”

Interestingly enough, neither the Los Angeles Lakers nor Houston Rockets made Thompson’s cut. The latter engaged in some memorable battles with his Golden State squad, while the former are the favorites in most sports books to emerge as the champs in 2020.

For whatever reason, though, it is the Clippers who have really impressed the 30-year-old this season.

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Klay Thompson And Warriors Are Usually In The Finals

Since 2015, the Warriors have been the Western Conference champs on an annual basis. In all but one of those years, they faced off against the Cleveland Cavaliers, who they hold a 3-1 Finals record against.

Last season, they took on and lost to the Toronto Raptors.

Unfortunately, injuries to Thompson and Steph Curry made this something of a wasted year for the Warriors. That said, if both men come back healthy next season – watch out.

The Western Conference will feature a battle between the Warriors, Clippers, Lakers and Rockets for the top spot – and any of those squads have the potential to unseat the others in any given playoff series.

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