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Steve Spurrier Thinks College Football Must Go On

Steve Spurrier Thinks College Football Must Go On

Steve Spurrier Thinks College Football Must Go On

With the status of college football very much in doubt, at least one legend thinks a season should take place in the fall.

On Wednesday, former Florida and South Carolina head coach Steve Spurrier appeared on Paul Finebaum’s show and offered his take on recent events.

“With three of the Power Five conferences ready to play, I think we can have college football,” he said.

“I really do. If we have to watch on television, so be it. These guys are pretty safe. They really are, Paul. It reminds me of the movie, ‘The Longest Yard,’ with Burt Reynolds and all of those guys.

“Right now, the college football players, they are the prisoners. They’ve got nowhere to go but to practice and back to their cell, or their dorm and eat together. That’s the way all of these teams have been living for the last couple of months or so.”

Earlier in the week, the Big Ten and Pac-12 came out and said that they would be suspending all athletics for the fall. They reserved the right to resume operations in the spring.

It was expected that the other three Power Five conferences would follow suit – but they didn’t.

The Big 12, SEC and ACC all seem open to be the idea of continuing with college football in the fall.

“I believe they all have a right and deserve to go play the game,” Spurrier continued.

“They want to play; they want to compete against the other guys. Most people nowadays live, let’s say, 80 years and these young men have four years to play college football.

“You’d hate to miss one here and there if you don’t have to. I hope something can be worked out that the Big Ten could come back. Because only three conferences playing would be a little unusual.”

There are a number of interesting things about that sentiment.

First and foremost – it is hilarious that nobody misses the Pac-12 at all. Literally nobody cares if that entire conference takes a one-year break. That speaks volumes regarding how horrendous it has been in recent years.

Also intriguing is what would happen to players in the Pac-12 and Big Ten if neither conference wants to do football this fall. Will players be permitted to transfer and play right away at their new schools? If not, do those two conferences expose themselves legally to potential lawsuits?

A lot still needs to be worked out as it pertains to college football. This situation is extremely fluid. It will be fascinating to see where everything ultimately ends up being one month from now.

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