Klay Thompson Gets Unfortunate Warriors Contract Update

Klay Thompson Gets Unfortunate Warriors Contract Update

Klay Thompson’s future with the Golden State Warriors appears to be very much in doubt at the moment.

As things presently stand, Thompson is now heading into the final year of his contract.

Thus far he and the front office have not come close to agreeing a new contract.

This week, a bit of clarity emerged on Thompson’s contract status with the Warriors.

“There’s more built-in complexity to the Thompson contract talks,” noted Anthony slate of The Athletic.

“Here’s where it currently stands: No official offers or counteroffers have been made from either side, according to league sources. No exact salary numbers have been floated. There isn’t a rush from either side, and there isn’t a deadline. It could theoretically be done in-season, though I’d expect serious discussions (and perhaps an agreement) to come before that.”

Last week the Warriors were linked to another veteran future Hall of Famer: Dwight Howard. Ultimately, the front office decided not to give him a contract. This week, the real reason why emerged.

Thompson is set to be paid more than $43 million this season. Golden State gave him a five-year, $189.9 million contract back in 2019 despite his health being very much in doubt.

That was a big commitment from the organization – but likely the last one of that sort Thompson will get from them.

All signs point to the 33-year-old next deal needing to be much more team friendly he truly wants to return to The Bay after this contract expires.

To date Thompson has been a bit cagey when it comes to discussing his Warriors future. That has made it difficult to discern what his plans truly are.

Would he return to the Warriors for less money?

Or would he prefer to go play elsewhere if the pay is right?

It is unclear at the moment.

One way or another, a lot of questions about Thompson’s Warriors future will be answered in the months to come.

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