Jaguars Cheerleader’s Wild Photos Go Viral After Texans Loss

Jaguars Cheerleader’s Wild Photos Go Viral After Texans Loss

A Jacksonville Jaguars cheerleader’s wild photos went viral this week after the team’s loss to the Houston Texans.

Coming into the 2023-24 NFL season, all eyes were on Trevor Lawrence and Co. as a potential Super Bowl dark horse.

After escaping Urban Meyer, Lawrence and the Jaguars seemed to thrive under Doug Pederson last year. Not only did the team make the playoffs, they also won a memorable outing there against the Los Angeles Chargers.

With most of the same roster returning, plus the addition of wide receiver Calvin Ridley, it seemed like all the stars were aligning for the Jags to go on a big run.

Three games into the season – the opposite has occurred. Jacksonville is currently 1-2 on the year and fresh off a disappointing loss to a Houston Texans team they had no business losing to.

While Lawrence and Co. looked awful this week, a segment of the team still performed to expectations: the cheerleading squad.

One particular Jaguars cheerleader saw her wild photos cause something of a stir after the Texans loss.


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In an NFL weekend where a Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ cheerleader’s private photos leaked out and a Seattle Seahawks cheerleaders’ personal photos went viral, it is telling that a Jaguars cheerleader could come along and swoop into the headlines in this fashion.

That being said, cheerleading notwithstanding, the Jags are a mess right now. Everyone knows it, including Pederson. After his team’s most recent defeat, he admitted that the weight of preseason expectations was getting to this young group.

“I think that’s real,” he said.

“I do. I think that’s real. I’ve been around this game too long to know that you can’t live in the past or you’re going to fail in the future. We just got to focus one day at a time.

“We got to get better each day and can’t worry about next week or the week after. We can’t worry about the London trip coming up. We just got to focus in on the week at hand.”

Lawrence went 27-of-40 for 279 yards, one touchdown and one interception on Sunday. That isn’t what folks expected to see out of him at the beginning of the season. Is the problem that he has been spending too much time partying it up with his wife? Maybe.

But he isn’t getting a ton of offensive support either. Ridley, the team’s big offseason offensive pickup, started the year off by going for 101 yards and a touchdown on eight receptions against the Indianapolis Colts.

In the two weeks since he has mustered just five receptions for 72 yards combined.

Not great.

“I grabbed him coming off the field and I reiterated to him to take a deep breath, stay locked in, stay engaged,” Pederson also said.

“I told him he was a big part of our system and the offense and he’s going to have a lot of success. I just wanted to reiterate that confidence in him. Calvin wants to do so well, so good, so much. He wants to prove, but he doesn’t have to. He’s a good player and he doesn’t have to do all that. Just be Calvin.”

Jacksonville came into the 2023-24 NFL season with lofty expectations.

So far, only the cheerleaders have delivered on the preseason hype.

Will Lawrence and Co. give Jaguars cheerleaders something to actually be excited about going forward? Time will tell over the next few weeks as the season progresses.

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