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Kirby Smart Is Done With Georgia

Kirby Smart Is Done With Georgia

Kirby Smart Is Done With Georgia

Kirby Smart is done with Georgia, or at least he would be if Paul Finebaum had his way.

The Bulldogs had a solid but ultimately disappointing season this year.

On one hand, Georgia won its third consecutive SEC East title and in the process earned itself a second consecutive trip to the Sugar Bowl. This also marked the first time in program history that they won at least 11 games for three straight seasons.

On the other hand, Georgia was one win away from making the College Football Playoff and failed to deliver. All the Bulldogs needed to do was beat LSU in the SEC Championship game to secure their shot at a National Championship.

This week, Finebaum reflected on Georgia’s season and made a fairly concise case regarding why Smart’s attempts at turning his program into Alabama are not quite working.

“Listen Kirby Smart is trying to run Alabama 2.0 and it’s not working,” Finebaum said on WJOX.

“I say it’s not working because they’re not winning and competing seriously for national championships. You can’t end the season like that and you know I hear Georgia fans saying, ‘Well we didn’t have Cager, we didn’t have –.’

“Hey, when you recruit at the level that Alabama and Georgia recruit, you don’t have excuses, because nobody else is in that league other than maybe Ohio State or Clemson and now LSU.”

Finebaum did not stop there, though.

“And listen, I think everyone talking right now is a fan of Kirby Smart but he’s going to catch a lot of heat, and you know it started with the bowl game (the Sugar Bowl loss against Texas) which everyone wrote off as they didn’t care and this season has been a roller coaster,” he continued.

“And the one thing this season didn’t have until Saturday was that predictable one-off Kirby Smart blowout. Got that now!”

Should Georgia and Smart really part ways? Well, that is a matter of individual opinion.

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