Browns Will Trade Odell Beckham To Green Bay Packers

Browns Will Trade Odell Beckham To Green Bay Packers

Browns Will Trade Odell Beckham To Green Bay Packers

The Browns will trade Odell Beckham to the Green Bay Packers, if the star wide receiver ultimately gets his way.

Cleveland brought Beckham in from the New York Giants with dreams of him and Baker Mayfield forming a dynamic duo.

That never quite happened, though.

Beckham is playing some of the worst football of his career and is beginning to become increasingly vocal about his dissatisfaction with the Browns.

At this point, Cleveland being forced to move their star wide receiver seems like more of an inevitability than anything else.

The big question now is: who will take Beckham, and where will he want to play?

According to Skip Bayless, a pairing between Beckham and Aaron Rodgers of the Packers might be in the cards.

“Skip Bayless says Odell Beckham has privately suggested he’d like to play in Green Bay with Aaron Rodgers,” tweeted out Peter Bukowski of SB Nation.

“OBJ did just sign a huge extension and the Browns just traded for him, but it would cost CLE less than $3M in dead cap to deal him again. Contract isn’t onerous for GB.”

The benefits here are obvious.

Beckham would finally get to play with a talented quarterback who is not at the twilight of his career.

Green Bay would get arguably the best wide receiver Rodgers has ever played with.

It would be a win on all fronts.

Will Cleveland ultimately trade Beckham to Green Bay? It is difficult to say for certain.

Are the odds of it happening might higher today than they were yesterday?


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