Kevin Durant’s Blunt Response To Adrian Wojnarowski’s Report

Kevin Durant’s Blunt Response To Adrian Wojnarowski’s Report

Kevin Durant issued a blunt response this week to a report from Adrian Wojnarowski suggesting that he was unhappy with his current position on the Phoenix Suns.

When the front office acquired Bradley Beal this past summer, the vision everyone had featured a three-headed monster in Phoenix running roughshod over the entire league.

Thus far, that dream hasn’t materialized. The Suns have struggled all season long and have been mired by injuries.

Things ultimately came to a head when Wojnarowski appeared on ESPN and dropped this bomb:

“They can feel the frustration with Durant,” Wojnarowski said.

“Part of that, certainly, is the missed games from Brad Beal. This team was built around those three stars, the underwhelming supporting cast that comes from those massive trades for Kevin Durant and Bradley Beal that really gutted the organization.”

On Tuesday, Durant took to social media to respond to the claims that he is unhappy with how Phoenix’s season is going.

Kevin Durant’s Blunt Response To Adrian Wojnarowski’s Report 1

“Woj says somebody else ‘feels’ that I’m frustrated and it turned into me being mentally checked out,” he wrote.

“This s**t crazy. These people can flat out lie on my name and make s**t up and you people will believe it but when my coaches and speak on how I am as a teammate, [you] ignore it lol.”

It seems like Durant’s interpretation of what occurred here is a fairly reasonable one. Wojnarowski reported on what people within the Suns’ organization feel, not what he knows is true.

Durant, in that spirit, didn’t attack Wojnarowski – just the veracity of the report.

December was a rough month for the Suns as a whole. You had infighting within the locker room, Devin Booker getting busted spying on Kendall Jenner and now these reports of Durant’s purported unhappiness.

That is a far cry from the glory that was supposed to await this franchise in the aftermath of Durant’s acquisition.

Fortunately, the NBA season is a long one.

Will Durant and the Suns be able to get back on track in 2024? Time will tell.

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