Kevin Durant Gets Brutally Honest On Steve Nash’s Coaching Skills

Kevin Durant Gets Brutally Honest On Steve Nash’s Coaching Skills

At the beginning of the year Brooklyn Nets star Kevin Durant likely envisioned an easier path to the NBA playoffs than the one his team is currently trying to forge.

The Nets are presently 43-38 and sit seventh in the Eastern Conference. They are a mere one game ahead of the 10th place Charlotte Hornets in the standings.

Most likely, Brooklyn will get to the postseason. And once there, who knows what will happen.

But nobody thought that it would be this hard.

Earlier week, Durant addressed what major issue he felt derailed the Nets’ season. On Friday, he tackled another tough question: how much is head coach Steve Nash responsible for the team’s woes in 2022?

“I think he’s done a great job,” Durant said. “The last 2 years he’s been dealt a wild hand. Injuries, trades, disgruntled players, guys in and out the lineup, stuff that he can’t control and I felt like he handled it as best as he could.”

It’s something of an open secret at this point that former Net James Harden clashed with Nash pretty hardcore. In that respect, it’s probably comforting for Nash to hear that Durant has his back.

The next few weeks promise to be interesting.

The Nets will almost certainly make the playoffs. They’re too talented not to.

But what will they do once they’re there?

Time will tell.

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