Kawhi Leonard’s Reaction To Russell Westbrook’s Airball vs Jazz (Video)

Kawhi Leonard’s Reaction To Russell Westbrook’s Airball vs Jazz (Video)

The Los Angeles Clippers were defeated by the Utah Jazz 118-120 on Friday night.

While the outing itself was a lot of fun and quite eventful, one moment in particular went viral in the aftermath.

With his team down two, five seconds left in the game and one second remaining on the shot clock, Kawhi Leonard launched a prayer of a three that bricked off the rim.

Russell Westbrook came down with the rebound, turned around and shot an attempted game-winner with one second left that didn’t even hit the rim.

Utah got the rebound off that and ran the clock out.

The sequence that ultimately set the internet ablaze in the aftermath was Leonard’s reaction as soon as Westbrook got the shot up. He didn’t even wait to see what would happen – he seemed to clearly know it wasn’t going in.

Understandably, fans at home had some strong reactions to that.

Big picture, this is the Russell Westbrook Experience. Sometimes he will flirt with a triple-double, like he did in the Clippers’ first game of the season. Other times he will drop a stat line of four points, four assists and nine rebounds in 37 minutes like he did against the Jazz.

You just never know.

There is a reason why LeBron James felt the way he did about Westbrook. Ditto for Anthony Davis. And while Westbrook tried to argue that the Lakers misused him, the reality of the situation is a bit different.

That is why the Clippers worked so hard to get James Harden during the offseason – he is a far more reliable offensive option. Alas, that didn’t work out for them, though.

It will be interesting to see how Westbrook fares in his first full season with the Clippers this year. Will he and Leonard be able to get on the same page going forward? Time will tell.

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