Anthony Davis’ Latest Jab At Russell Westbrook

Anthony Davis’ Latest Jab At Russell Westbrook

Anthony Davis seems to be one of the happier people on the Los Angeles Lakers now that Russell Westbrook is gone.

Although the 30-year-old never outwardly expressed much in the way of annoyance with his now-former teammate, especially not in the way someone like LeBron James did, since Westbrook’s trade and subsequent decision to sign with the Los Angeles Clippers it feels like he has lobbed one shot after another repeatedly and with no regard for how they would be interpreted by others.

The trend continued this past week, when Davis noted that his team was having a lot of fun now that they were winning games on a semi-consistent basis.

Understandably, many couldn’t help but wonder if perhaps this was a reference to Westbrook’s infamous line about having fun.

NBA fans flocked to social media to react to Davis’ comments and how they perceived them.

Now that the dust from the Westbrook trade has settled it seems like everyone is moving on.

Davis has a new star point guard that complements his playing style perfectly.

Westbrook is finding a place with the Clippers, even if it does involve him being benched for fourth quarters.

Everyone is winning.

Will Davis and the Lakers ultimately be more successful without Westbrook than they were with him? Time will tell.

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