Kawhi Leonard Wore Power Rangers Outfit To Warriors Game

Kawhi Leonard Wore Power Rangers Outfit To Warriors Game

Kawhi Leonard is famously known for being somewhat robotic and unemotional. Although the 29-year-old has offered certain peeks into his personality over the years, for the most part he is recognized for being stoic and kind of indifferent to the latest styles, fashions and fads.

And for anyone wondering – yes, he was always like this. His baby photos confirm it.

All that being said, every once in a while Leonard likes to let his personal sense of individuality shine through. That is precisely what happened on Friday night, when he showed up to the Los Angeles Clippers’ game against the Golden State Warriors dressed as a power ranger.

Kawhi Leonard Wore Power Rangers Outfit To Warriors Game 1

So. Much. Drip.

Sadly, Leonard’s super powers did not include being able to beat the Warriors. Ultimately, L.A. fell to Stephen Curry and Co. 115-105.

After the game, a clearly exasperated Leonard demanded change from his squad.

“We just have to change, pretty much,” he said, per ESPN NBA insider Ohm Youngmisuk. “We’ve got to change it. We’ve got to get better.”

The Clippers led 85-63 with 3:15 remaining in the third quarter, but for whatever reason simply couldn’t keep their foot on the gas. Over the course of just over five minutes, they somehow blew that entire lead.

One big reason why? Curry.

The former league MVP went supernova, recording 19 of his 38 total points in the third quarter. L.A. simply had no answer for him.

“Our third quarter was terrible as far as defense,” Leonard added. “Them able to get easy looks, coming down just laying up the ball with no one there. Steph Curry did a few times.

“In that third quarter, just guys coming down and getting either open looks or just walking to the basket and laying up the ball.”

When Leonard was asked about what he and his teammates discussed following their blown lead, he dismissed the question outright.

“I’m not about to tell you what we’re doing in the locker room,” Leonard said. “It’s locker room talk.”

The Clippers came into this season with a lot of hefty expectations. Despite last year’s second round collapse to the Denver Nuggets, most still had them as the second biggest favorite to win an NBA title this year (after the Los Angeles Lakers).

Based on what the Clippers have shown thus far, however, a championship is beginning to look increasingly unlikely in 2021.

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