Kawhi Leonard’s Dance Video With Russell Westbrook Goes Viral

Kawhi Leonard’s Dance Video With Russell Westbrook Goes Viral

A dance video featuring Kawhi Leonard and his Los Angeles Clippers teammate, Russell Westbrook, went very viral this week.

Leonard is generally recognized for being one of the more blank-faced and stoic athletes in all of sports. It is part of his charm and has played a huge role in his rise to fame.

Lately, though – it seems like he is branching out more. His funny pictures from Clippers Media Day were an example of that.

And it was more of the same on Friday when his dance video with Westbrook set the internet ablaze.

NBA fans have strong opinions on everything. So, unsurprisingly, the reactions to Leonard’s dance video flowed in quickly.

Folks took to social media to respond.

Big picture, this has been a busy summer for Leonard. Between his crazy body transformation, him partying it up with Rick Ross and his intimate pictures with his girlfriend, he has been a mainstay in the news cycle.

This most recent story is just par for the course.

Will Leonard be able to keep all the hype and excitement surrounding him going and translate it into meaningful playoff success for the Clippers?

Time will tell.

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