Karl-Anthony Towns NBA Trade Rumors Intensify

Karl-Anthony Towns NBA Trade Rumors Intensify

Karl-Anthony Towns has been the subject of NBA trade rumors for most of his tenure with the Minnesota Timberwolves.

Because the Wolves have consistently struggled for years, observers have long wondered when they would finally blow the roster up.

Last summer, ownership decided to go the opposite route. Rather than rebuilding, they sent away all their built-up draft capital to acquire Rudy Gobert. Thus far, that move has not reaped much in the way of benefits.

The Wolves are 32-32 and barely clinging to eighth place in the Western Conference.

This week NBA insider Jon Krawczynski revealed that opposing teams are watching Minnesota closely.

“Teams are already talking about it,” Krawczynski told Zach Lowe on The Lowe Post podcast.

“There’s no doubt that other teams are eyeing this situation and looking to see if KAT will become available…if the bottom falls out of this thing and they go forward that way, there are going to be teams knocking on the door.”

Making matters worse, the Timberwolves have experienced the sort of infighting this year that plagued Gobert’s Utah Jazz team – much to Anthony Edwards’ chagrin.

Towns is an offensively versatile big man who could help a lot of championship teams out. But it seems clear that he also isn’t a No. 1 option on a winning team.

The reason why Minnesota got Gobert in the first place is because he was supposed to fill the gaps that Towns left behind on defense, but that hasn’t really materialized. Instead, both men’s weaknesses have gotten exploited.

It’s hard to see how Minnesota rights this ship in 2023 or at any point going forward.

Will Towns get shipped out at some point in the foreseeable future as the franchise attempts to rebuild around Edwards? Time will tell.

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