John Calipari Leaving Memphis To Join New York Knicks

John Calipari Leaving Memphis To Join New York Knicks

John Calipari Leaving Memphis To Join New York Knicks

Is John Calipari leaving Memphis to join the New York Knicks?

This week, the Knicks made some very big changes.

Out is ex-president Steve Mills. In is now former CAA agent Leon Rose, who will replace him.

Accompanying rose will reportedly be NBA power broker William Wesley, aka World Wide Wes.

The big question now is what those new executives will decide to do about the head coaching position.

Wesley, in particular, is known to be close with Kentucky head coach Calipari.

Calipari has been mentioned for various NBA gigs for years now, but this the opportunity to coach a franchise as storied as the Knicks might be too good to pass up.

While New York may not have a ton of talent now, recruiting players to the Knicks would not be as hard as it has been for the past few years.

If free agents felt even a little bit like management knew what it was doing, they would flock there.

Hiring Calipari as had coach would be a good first step.

Will it ultimately end up happening? Time will tell.

Should it happen?


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