Jimmy Garoppolo Embarrasses Vikings During 49ers Game

Jimmy Garoppolo Embarrasses Vikings During 49ers Game

Jimmy Garoppolo Embarrasses Vikings During 49ers Game

Jimmy Garoppolo embarrassed the Vikings during the 49ers game on Saturday afternoon.

The NFC Divisional battle between these two teams was supposed to be far more competitive than it actually ended up being.

San Francisco was arguably the league’s most dominant team all year long, so them emerging with a 27-10 victory should not be all that surprising.

The reason it caught some people off guard is because of how much sheer talent Minnesota possesses. The problem is that the team often has been unable to put it all together, and that was the story of the game on Saturday.

Aside from one impressive Kirk Cousins to Stefon Diggs connection, the Vikings were outclassed from start to finish.

No sequence of events better encapsulated the events of the day than one that occurred in the second quarter featuring Garoppolo.

On the drive that would eventually give his team a 14-7 advantage, Garoppolo threw a vicious block for wide receiver Deebo Samuel that absolutely flattened Minnesota linebacker Anthony Barr.

For all the young fans at home who just started watching football this year – quarterbacks are not supposed to be able to do that to linebackers.

Next up the Niners will face the winner of Sunday’s showdown between the Green Bay Packers and Seattle Seahawks for the NFC crown.

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