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Jim Harbaugh Refuses To Join 1 NFL Team Has Head Coach

Jim Harbaugh Refuses To Join 1 NFL Team Has Head Coach

Jim Harbaugh has made his interest in leaving Michigan for an NFL gig no secret.

There is a very reasonable scenario where, if the Minnesota Vikings had actually decided they wanted him, he would be serving as that squad’s head coach right now. There are also reports that he begged for a different NFL job before ultimately getting shut down.

Amid another successful campaign with Michigan (shady scandal notwithstanding), Harbaugh is once again receiving interest from the pro ranks to lead a franchise.

To date, he has been linked to the Los Angeles Chargers and Carolina Panthers. That said, there is one organization he will definitely not be going to.

According to NFL insider Jordan Schultz, Harbaugh and the Chicago Bears is a match that likely won’t happen.

“They do not have a good relationship. It can be said that they have a terrible relationship,” Schultz said.

“Both guys have been pretty critical of one another. … Considering that Kevin Warren is currently the president of the Bears, that’s a fractured relationship that, to me, has no ability to be repaired.

“I really don’t see a scenario where Harbaugh and the Bears are able to find common ground and have him coach that team. I just don’t see it. In fact, it would stun me if that happened.”

Putting aside his beef with Warren, Harbaugh would also just be more well-served joining a team like the Chargers. Justin Herbert is an elite quarterback, and Harbaugh has previously found success coaching a California NFL squad.

Over the course of nine years in Michigan has gone 83-25. Prior to that, he went 44-19-1 as the head coach of the San Francisco 49ers.

Is a jump back to the NFL in the cards for Harbaugh? An answer one way or the other will emerge soon.

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