Jets QB Zach Wilson’s Mom’s DMs Get Exposed (Photos)

Jets QB Zach Wilson’s Mom’s DMs Get Exposed (Photos)

The New York Jets fell to the New Orleans Saints 30-9 on Sunday.

As has often been the case this year, the biggest story of the day for Gang Green wasn’t anything they specifically did.

Rather, it was off-the-field drama surrounding someone associated with one of the players.

In this case, it was quarterback Zach Wilson’s mom, Lisa.

Wilson had another fairly standard game against the Saints. He finished with 202 yards and zero scores on 19-of-42 passing. In a season where he has consistently underwhelmed, this showing was just par for the course.

Turns out, fans were not shy about expressing their displeasure with Wilson after the game. Many of them sent them via DM to Lisa.

And after reaching her breaking point, Lisa decided to expose the DMs to the world.

Jets QB Zach Wilson’s Mom’s DMs Get Exposed (Photos) 1 Jets QB Zach Wilson’s Mom’s DMs Get Exposed (Photos) 2

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Will this particular way of handling the situation make things better for her son going forward? Time will tell.

Between her very memorable “crack whore” situation, follow-up return to glory, and notorious partying habits, Lisa often goes viral. On occasion that proves to be a positive for Wilson, as it deflects the spotlight from his many, many struggles. Other times, it just shines a needless glow on the entire family.

Whether you love her or hate her, Lisa clearly isn’t changing. And that means fans better get used to her pulling these sorts of stunts, for better or worse.

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