Jets Player Tries To Steal Football From Little Boy (Video)

Jets Player Tries To Steal Football From Little Boy (Video)

The New York Jets looked like they might be on their way to handing the Tampa Bay Buccaneers a surprising defeat for about an hour on Sunday.

When Antonio Brown snapped and quit on the Buccaneers midgame, it really felt as though New York had a clear shot at victory.

But then nature healed itself.

Tampa Bay battled back strong at the end of the game and ultimately handed the Jets a 28-24 loss.

In typical form, the loss in itself was not the most embarrassing thing to happen to the Jets in this outing. Rather, the viral moment that everyone couldn’t stop talking about after the fact was a Jets player seemingly stealing a football from a small child.

The video largely speaks for itself:

Everything about that sequence is incredible. The sheer audacity of the act. The fail. Everything.

Big picture, the 4-12 Jets have faced a lot of humiliation this year. Zach Wilson’s mom’s whole ‘crack whore’ debacle was obviously a standout moment. And then there was the entire locker room turning on a rookie within like a month.

But this one might just take the cake.

The Jets are the embarrassment that keeps on giving. And if recent history is any indication, that’s not going to change any time soon.

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