Jerry Jones Reveals How He Really Feels About Jason Garrett

Jerry Jones Reveals How He Really Feels About Jason Garrett

Jerry Jones Reveals How He Really Feels About Jason Garrett

Jerry Jones reveals how he really feels about Jason Garrett in a new interview.

Head coach Jason Garrett has been spoken highly of by the Dallas Cowboys brass, but still, his contract is yet to be extended.

The Cowboys lost their last three games before earning a win versus the Philadelphia Eagles. Football is a team game, and when there is a loss, there is plenty of blame.

Garrett has been the head coach of the Cowboys for nine years, and the scream to fire Garrett has echoed for a few years now, but the owner Jerry Jones has always stood by him declaring he is the right man for the job.

In 2014, The Cowboys went 12-4, had their first playoff win, won the division, and the Cowboys owner seemed to be a genius standing by Garrett. In 2015, the Cowboys didn’t perform so well, and the Cowboys went 4-12, fans called out for a replacement.

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Terry Bradshaw the NFL Personality said during a pre-game “If there is one thing I would change in Dallas, it’s that they need a head coach that people fear a little bit, someone they are scared of getting on the wrong side of.”

Fans kept on requesting a replacement of head coach, but Garrett has found a place in the heart of Jerry Jones. Garrett has as well had a fantastic period with the Cowboys, especially when he won NFL coach of the year, and was always name by USA TODAY, “A dominant NFL Coach.”

“Garrett brings a lot to the table, Jones said to the fans and as well reminds everybody this is the last year of his contract agreement with Garrett, but that means they should all sit and wait to see what happens at the end of the year. That was the case when he had won the first three ballgames and still the case today after losing the past three.”

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Terrell Owens messages Jerry Jones to fire Jason Garrett and stop to meddle with the Cowboys, Owens said of Jerry Jones “He’s in the cookie jar too much. He’s handling too much.

The Cowboys fans as well have been waiting and hoping the team will move on from Jason Garrett, but they have been disappointed for about 10 years now.

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