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Jerry Jones Makes Final Decision On Lincoln Riley

Jerry Jones Makes Final Decision On Lincoln Riley

Jerry Jones Makes Final Decision On Lincoln Riley

Jerry Jones made a final decision on Lincoln Riley, and it is not the one many anticipated.

Jones’ Dallas Cowboys are a bad place right now. The team sits atop the historically weak NFC East wit a 6-7 mark. The Philadelphia Eagles have the same record, but Dallas owns the head-to-head tiebreaker.

It seems like the Cowboys will limp into the postseason and then lose. That is not the outcome Jones was expecting when he put together one of the better on-paper rosters in the NFL.

Coming into the season everyone knew it would be Jason Garrett’s final year. His contract was expiring and Jones gave no indication of wanting him back.

Barring a miraculous New York Giants-like Super Bowl run, it is tough to envision a scenario where Garrett remains as head coach.

When it comes to Garrett’s potential replacement, one name has been mentioned more than others: Riley.

The Oklahoma head football coach has developed a reputation of being a quarterback whisperer and offensive genius. Many were excited to see what he could do with someone like Dak Prescott.

As it turns out, that dream may never come to fruition.

This week, Jones did an interview on 105.3 The fan where he cast serious doubt on whether he would actually hire Riley.

According to Jones, experience will play a big role in his hiring process. And that is arguably the biggest weakness Riley brings to the table.

“College coaches spend Sundays working,” he said.

“In many cases, they aren’t that familiar with the (NFL) personnel,” Jones continued.

“Now, that’s a big deal. You pay a price for somebody to get up to date that hasn’t spent the prior months or years in the NFL.”

It is worth remembering despite Jones’ comments that the Cowboys have an illustrious history with coaches inexperienced at the pro level.

Jimmy Johnson won two championships despite only having college experience. Barry Switzer was also very successful despite a lack of experience.

That being said, it is clear that Jones wants someone with NFL experience to take over what is arguably the most championship-ready underperforming roster in the league.

Will he ultimately get what he wants? Time will tell.

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