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Nick Saban Will Be Next Dallas Cowboys Coach

Nick Saban Will Be Next Dallas Cowboys Coach

Nick Saban Will Be Next Dallas Cowboys Coach

Nick Saban will be the next Dallas Cowboys head coach, says Colin Cowherd.

The Cowboys are in a bad spot and it looks like Jason Garrett’s days with the team are numbered.

Dallas is currently 6-7 through 13 games and tied with the equally disappointing Philadelphia Eagles for the top spot in the division.

Fortunately for the Cowboys, at the moment they own the head-to-head tiebreaker over Philly.

Even if Garrett makes the playoffs, it is hard to see him being retained past this year.

His contract expires at the end of the season and Jerry Jones has shown no interest in giving him another one.

Barring a shocking New York Giants-style Super Bowl run, Garrett is likely gone.

The obvious question then becomes: who will replace him.

So far, the only names mentioned as Garrett’s replacement have been college guys. Lincoln Riley of Olahoma, Dan Mullen of Florida and ex-Ohio State Urban Meyer have all had their names mentioned.

One new entry to that group: Saban.

On Friday, Cowherd offered his theory on Saban should leave Alabama and become the next Cowboys head coach.

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The first reason was Lane Kiffin’s SEC re-entry. Cowherd described Kiffin as someone who is “as good a recruiter as anybody in the country.”

Recruiting competitiveness is a big reason why Cowherd thinks Saban needs to skip town.

“So is Ed Orgeron, maybe the second-best recruiter in the country,” he added.

“So is Kirby Smart, maybe the third-best recruiter in the country.”

Beyond that, Cowherd sees the transfer portal as being problematic.

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“What does the NFL not have? A transfer portal,” he noted.

Cowherd also pointed out that Dallas would be one of the rare NFL openings that is not a bad team looking to become better. The Cowboys have championship-level pieces in place already.

“Dallas is not a rebuild,” he pointed out.

Saban would also fill a pretty big weak spot for the Cowboys, Cowherd suggested.

“Nick Saban is one of the smartest defensive coaches ever and Dallas is not well-coached on defense,” he said.

Finally, Cowherd pointed out that this is a matter of timing. Now is the perfect time to come in and be Dallas’ next head coach.

“It’s a perfect entry point,” he said.

“You never want to replace Howard Stern. You want to replace somebody where you look at the numbers and go, ‘Oh, I can double those numbers.’”

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It is hard to argue with most of Cowherd’s logic. The only thing he is off the mark about is recruiting. Alabama is not losing anyone they don’t want to lose and Saban is a fantastic recruiter.

Nevertheless, he is a guy who has conquered the college game and still has something to prove at the professional level.

This is the perfect time and the perfect roster to make the jump and try to compete with the greatest football minds in the world.

If he could be successful with Dallas, it would elevate Saban’s legacy from simply the best college football coach of all time to the best football coach of all time.

Will Jones ultimately decide to steal him away from Alabama? That remains to be seen. Would Saban really want to leave? That is equally unclear.

But in theory, this marriage makes a lot of sense for all parties involved.

If it actually happens, it will shake up the NFL and college football in amazing fashion.

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