Jerry Jones Hiring Unconventional Dallas Cowboys Coach

Jerry Jones Hiring Unconventional Dallas Cowboys Coach

Jerry Jones Hiring Unconventional Dallas Cowboys Coach

Jerry Jones is hiring an unconventional Dallas Cowboys coach to take over for Jason Garrett.

Less than 24 hours after Dallas found itself officially out of the playoffs, Garrett’s fate is all but sealed.

Although an official announcement of his banishment has yet to be made, Jones has indicated to multiple sources that he will seek out a new head coach.

A lot of very popular names have been thrown out as potential candidates for the Cowboys’ looming vacancy. Guys like Urban Meyer, Lincoln Riley and Matt Rhule have all been suggested.

As it turns out, though, Jones is not necessarily looking to make the flashiest hire possible.

According to ESPN NFL insider Ed Werder, “Jones said last night he does not feel pressure from other teams with current openings pursuing new coaches. So could be he’s targeting someone different than others.”

There is currently a mad scramble among teams like the New York Giants, Cleveland Browns and Carolina Panthers to get their guys.

Experienced former head coaches and coordinators like Mike McCarthy and Josh McDaniels are getting multiple calls from several teams.

However, Jones’ laid back approach to this entire process is very interesting.

Is he really targeting someone so unconventional that he does not feel the need to compete with other teams for him?

It sure seems that way. One way or the other, we’ll get our answer soon enough.

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  1. The next Cowboys will have to be like Jason Garret in a way. He will have to be willing to subject himself to Jerry Jones narcissism and take it. That is why Garret lasted so long. Jones having a coach that would put up with his s**t and do as he was told. Lots of luck to the next whipping boy!

    1. That’s the way JJ is, one would think after spending so much money on players and extending contracts that if he could only (TRY) and kickback a bit and let people do their jobs instead of just having a puppet coach. I seriously doubt really good established coaches are willing to be a phantom coach they would want to do what they are getting paid for and what they do best & that is coach. Imagine how it could be the players they have now & a good coach (being able to do his job)

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