Jerry Jones Gets Brutally Honest About Cowboys, Jason Garrett

Jerry Jones Gets Brutally Honest About Cowboys, Jason Garrett

Jerry Jones Gets Brutally Honest About Cowboys, Jason Garrett

Jerry Jones gets brutally honest about the Cowboys and Jason Garrett during a recent interview.

This past weekend Dallas fell to the New England Patriots in a game that should have been theirs. Tom Brady was hobbled. New England’s offense was overmatched. The defense was tired. And yet despite all that – the Patriots still won.

After the fact, Jones made it very clear that he was dissatisfied with his coaching staff.

Between the comments he made after the loss and the fact that he has refused to extend Garrett’s expiring contract, many understandably assumed that he was done with his head coach.

Maybe Jones would fire Garrett during the season. Perhaps he would allow him to coach out his contract and not renew him. Either way, though, the writing is on the wall for a change.

During a radio interview with 105.3 this week, Jones was asked if he was disappointed with his coaching staff.

“When you’re General Manager, which I am, those coaches are out there at my ultimate decision,” Jones replied.

“It’s very much within my realm of purview, if you will, to not only be standing there as an owner but be standing there as the General Manager who put the staff there to begin with.

“People seem to think it’s particularly harsh to have criticism and they think when you look at the other side of the field and call a job well done, that might mean that’s extraordinary criticism of the job you’ve done on the other side of the field.”

Jones leaves very little to the imagination with all of his recent comments. He is clearly pissed off and looking to make a change.

Who will he ultimately replace Garrett with? That is hard to say.

Will he ultimately replace Garrett at some point in the near future?


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