Jerry Jones Gets Brutally Honest About Cowboys Coach

Jerry Jones Gets Brutally Honest About Cowboys Coach

Jerry Jones Gets Brutally Honest About Cowboys Coach

Jerry Jones got brutally honest about his Cowboys coach following Sunday’s game.

Coming into the outing, all Dallas had to do was win. A victory would lock up the NFC East and ensure a postseason slot for the second consecutive year.

Ultimately, the Cowboys could not secure the victory. Now the Philadelphia Eagles control their own fate in the division. If Philly beats the New York Giants next week, they’re in. If Dallas loses to the Washington Redskins, they’re in.

After this latest defeat, Jones got brutally honest with reporters regarding Jason Garrett’s failures.

“It leaves, from my perspective, a lot to consider here,” Jones said.

“This was a little bit of a surprise. I didn’t see the Chicago Bears game coming and this one was a surprise.

“I thought we were prepared to play. I thought we could play better out here. I’m disappointed.”

Jones did not stop there, though. He continued to express his displeasure with how things transpired this weekend.

“When you get in this spot, you give yourself a chance to be real disappointed. We are.

“The fact that we didn’t get any [touchdowns], the fact the game turned out the way it did — they played well. Not a lot to say about anything else other than it’s very disappointing.

“We all expected to leave here as NFC East champs. We’re not. We’ll just go to Washington.”

The one thing Jones has stressed all year long is that Dallas has the talent to compete with anyone. Despite that, something is just off about this team.

Barring the Cowboys miraculously making the playoffs and subsequently going on a Super Bowl run, the odds of Garrett returning next year are slim to none.

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  1. Do yourself and the rest of us Cowfans a favor and fire the GM. If you really want to celebrate a championship again then step aside and let Steve call all the shots.

  2. I am thinking that this seems typical now , ,I dont understand how other teams can work the check down pass or over the middle works . Number one offense and can’t score a touchdown. Look ant these other teams and there not so hard plays , like basic common play to work that 1st down. Best third down conversion in the league and as they say the stat guess what , can’t get the 1st down. Play calling works great considering that the total points beat for 2019 has been around 30 .

  3. I didn’t read anything brutal here, brutal would have been being blatantly honest he can no longer support JG as the head coach, what he didn’t say says a lot about Jerry that he basically may be a great owner but he is mentally limited and shortsighted as a Football mind and this team like the other past 25 years of failures mirror his waffling personality. The Cowboy Nation has been suckered. And no Nation wasn’t coined by the Raiders, the first time I heard the phrase was during the 60s from the Chicago Gangs.

  4. The Cowboys should get Bill cowher who has the fire and guts to get rid of those people that don’t want to play ball cutem loose and get yourself a team that First of all forget about the money and play for the Love of the game and then just Win Baby like the owner of the raiders once Said

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