Jeanie Buss’ Encounter At Lakers Game Goes Viral

Jeanie Buss’ Encounter At Lakers Game Goes Viral

Jeanie Buss’ encounter at a recent Los Angeles Lakers game went viral this week.

As the owner of arguably the most popular team in all of American sports, Buss is no stranger to being in the headlines.

Over the past few months alone Buss has gone viral for everything ranging from accusing another NBA owner of groping her to her inability to keep her hands off Dwyane Wade to her mildly inappropriate comments about Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan.

This week, the Lakers team owner found herself trending for this particular interaction:

NBA fans tend to be a vocal bunch no matter what happens. Because of that, they had a lot to say about this particular sequence of events.

The reactions speak for themselves:

Big picture, in a week where Christian Wood’s troubling situation set the internet ablaze, this particular encounter will likely be forgotten.

That said, it is interesting that it went viral in the first place.

Will Buss and the Lakers ultimately be able to get back on track in the latter half of the 2024 NBA season? Time will tell.

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Jennifer Withers Hoey

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