Jason Garrett Out As Dallas Cowboys Coach

Jason Garrett Out As Dallas Cowboys Coach

Jason Garrett Out As Dallas Cowboys Coach

Jason Garrett is out as Dallas Cowboys coach.

Garrett, 53, is set to meet with team owner Jerry Jones on Monday afternoon to officially get the news in person.

Coming into this year, Jones was not shy about his reluctance to extend Garrett’s expiring deal. It was widely understood that barring an impressive Cowboys run, a new coach would likely be brought in.

The impressive run never came. After something of a hot start to the year, Dallas faded. Ultimately the team went out with a whimper and finished 8-8 on the season and did not qualify for the playoffs.

Garrett’s contract officially expires on January 14, but Jones will not wait that long to begin his coaching search.

The Cowboys vacancy is widely regarded as the most luxurious opening around for a variety of reasons.

Garrett went 85-67 in 10 seasons with the Cowboys and made it to the playoffs on three separate occasions. Each time, he was bounced in the divisional round.

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  1. It doesn’t matter if Jason Garrett is replaced by another coach no matter who the next coach will be. If Jerry Jones is still going to do what he’s been doing since they won they’re last Superbowl coaches will come and go no matter how great they are. Jerry Jones wants to take credit for everything the organization does, from draft picks to coaching. He needs to take a lesson from Robert Kraft. He goes out to find himself something to do whatever that is, and let’s Bill Belichick coach the team to six Superbowls.

  2. I think Jerry Jones needs to coach the team because he will for sure not let anybody else coach them he’s got to be the owner the manager The Waterboy the coach and head of the cheerleading squad that’s Jerry’s world that’s why I’m finding a new team after I’ve been in a loyal fan since 1978

  3. Jerry Jones is his own problem Jason Garrett should have been gone I’m a Cowboys fan but as long as Jerry is the GM Cowboys will never win a super bowl

  4. I understand the jerry and jason deal, but last time i checked neither one of them suited up. Man you need a squad with heart, just kdont see that fire man that winning desire. Forever a Cowboy.

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