James Harden On Who He Blames For Slow Clippers Start

James Harden On Who He Blames For Slow Clippers Start

The Los Angeles Clippers’ acquisition of James Harden was supposed to be the move that put them over the top as an NBA championship contender.

So far – L.A. is 0-2 in games Harden has played in.

Most recently the Clippers fell to a Brooklyn Nets team that, on paper, has a fraction of the talent they do.

After the game, Harden addressed who he blamed for his slow start with the Clippers.

“Tonight was on me as far as letting the ball get away,” Harden said.

“Think it’s really the 4th quarter… tonight, I turned the ball over, they get easy points.”

It will be interesting to see how Ty Lue and the Clippers counter their early issues with Harden.

Kawhi Leonard’s comments regarding Harden’s impact on his game after their first outing together were telling. There is going to be an adjustment period for all parties involved.

Complicating matters further is the fact that Harden has been out of action for a while. He didn’t even get a proper training camp with the Philadelphia 76ers.

That doesn’t exactly lend itself well to jumping into the fray with a squad like the Clippers.

Coming into this season, everyone understood the stakes.

L.A. is facing a championship-or-bust campaign with Leonard and Paul George rapidly approaching the ends of their contracts.

Will Harden prove to be the defining piece that helps the Clippers win that ever-elusive NBA championship? Time will tell.

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