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Connor Stalions’ Mom’s Blunt Ohio State Message Amid Michigan Scandal

Connor Stalions’ Mom’s Blunt Ohio State Message Amid Michigan Scandal

Connor Stalions’ mom, Kelly, appears to be almost as big of a Michigan fan as her son.

Amid the growing scandal that has engfuled not only the Wolverines, but college football as a whole, a message from Kelly in regards to Ohio State football recently went viral.

The message doesn’t leave a ton to the imagination.

It is pretty self-explanatory:

Understandably, some fans didn’t take kindly to Kelly’s tweet. They flocked to her social media replies to react accordingly.

The responses spoke for themselves as well:

Kelly’s son, Connor, is obviously currently in the center of a massive scandal. He is accused of spearheading a massive sign-stealing operation that the Wolverines allegedly benefited from.

Despite that, he already has another prominent job lined up. So clearly he isn’t suffering too much.

It is also the worst kept secret in college football who snitched on Connor and Michigan, though it remains unclear whether anything will come of it.

Either way, clearly Connor’s mom doesn’t care much about what her son stands accused of. And she obviously hates Ohio State – a lot.

Will Kelly offer any more commentary on the Michigan sign-stealing scandal in the weeks to come? Time will tell.

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