Clippers Star James Harden’s New Adidas Shoes Evoke Strong Reactions (Photos)

Clippers Star James Harden’s New Adidas Shoes Evoke Strong Reactions (Photos)

James Harden made his highly-anticipated Los Angeles Clippers debut this past week.

Although he didn’t do a ton be to impactful on the court, and despite his squad losing, the former league MVP still managed to generate a ton of buzz.

One of the things that fans couldn’t stop talking about afterwards? The debut of Harden’s new Adidas shoes.

As he tends to do, Harden evoked a ton of strong reactions and emotions with his new Harden Vol. 8s.

Folks flocked to social media to react:

Shoes aside, Harden spoke quite openly about how things went for him in his first game as a Clipper.

Clearly he is optimistic about what lays ahead for him in Los Angeles.

Whether he is right to be remains to be seen.

Will Harden ultimately be the piece that helps the Clippers finally clear that championship mountain? Time will tell.

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