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James Franklin Takes Surprising Shot At Michigan, Jim Harbaugh

James Franklin Takes Surprising Shot At Michigan, Jim Harbaugh

James Franklin Takes Surprising Shot At Michigan, Jim Harbaugh

James Franklin takes a surprising shot at Michigan and Jim Harbaugh in his most recent comments.

This past Saturday, Penn State beat down Michigan en route to a 28-21 victory.

Franklin’s team jumped out to an early 21-0 lead, but Harbaugh’s group clawed their way back into the game.

Afterward, Harbaugh expressed to the media that he did not feel like the officiating in the game was particularly strong.

“It’ll be interesting comparing some of the different scenarios in the game in terms of calls,” he said after the outing.

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On Tuesday, Franklin decided to take a dig at the man who stood opposite him last weekend.

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“The thing I’m not going to do, is I’m not going to come in here and, after a game, talk about penalties and the impact that they have on a game,” Franklin replied.

“The officials have a very tough job to do.

“Each week, there’s going to be calls our opponent doesn’t like and there’s going to be calls that we don’t like.”

Franklin’s shots did not stop there, though.

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“I’m not going to come into a press conference — I haven’t really done that in six years,” he continued.

“I’m going to try to avoid doing that and be respectful of the process and of the officials.

“But also, I think it sends the wrong message to my team.

“I’m not going to come in and talk about calls or officials.”

Once Franklin gets all the Harbaugh-hate out of his system, he and his team will likely switch their focus to this upcoming Saturday.

Next up for Penn State: a trip to East Lansing to take on Mark Dantonio and Michigan State.

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