Jake Paul vs Ben Askren Full KO Fight Video

Jake Paul vs Ben Askren Full KO Fight Video

Heading into Saturday night’s showdown between Jake Paul and Ben Askren there was a lot of chatter about what was on the line.

Primarily, it was credibility.

Either Paul would earn it with an impressive victory or Askren would expose him for being a wannabe fighter.

Turns out, Paul is the real deal.

Askren learned that lesson the hard way.

Video of Paul knocking out Askren speaks for itself.

Of course, given the spectacle at hand, even the final result wasn’t without controversy.

Many firmly believe that Askren took a dive and that the whole fight was rigged.

Suspicious video that went viral shortly thereafter didn’t help matters anyway.

So what comes next?

Well, in Askren’s case – he is probably done for good.

Done with MMA, done with boxing – done with it all.

Paul is a more interesting case. He could theoretically fight Dillon Danis, as he has some interesting history with his girlfriend.

Or he could go straight for the big Conor McGregor match-up that he so desperately wants.

If McGregor loses to Dustin Poirier and is effectively removed from the UFC title picture for good, entertaining fights like one against Paul suddenly become much more feasible.

Either way, there are options aplenty for Paul right now. To the winner go the spoils.

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