Jake Paul Leaks Private Tommy Fury Video Ahead Of Fight (Video)

Jake Paul Leaks Private Tommy Fury Video Ahead Of Fight (Video)

Boxer and reality TV star Tommy Fury recently had some embarrassing footage of him leak out.

During a recent night out in Liverpool, a seemingly inebriated Fury opted to strip down to just his jeans and Calvin Klein boxers in front of a large audience – and then begin beating his chest to the roaring crowd.

The incident was talked about a bit in UK circles, but went largely unnoticed.

Until Jake Paul got hold of it.

This week, the Youtube star-turned-boxing legend publicized the clip to his massive audience.

Needless to say, this isn’t the first time Paul has poked at Fury. He did it once before when he allegedly exposed private DMs from Fury’s girlfriend and fellow reality TV star, Molly Mae, to the world.

All of this appears to be build-up for an eventual boxing match between Paul and Fury. The pair was on the same card recently when the former took Tyron Woodley and the latter squared off against Anthony Taylor. Both won, seemingly setting up a potential bout.

Will Paul’s little jabs at Fury add a little something extra special to their prospective fight? Time will tell.

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