J.J. Redick Explains Why Clippers Failed

J.J. Redick Explains Why Clippers Failed

Soon-to-be unrestricted free agent J.J. Redick has always been one of the league’s more blunt players.

Whether he is keeping it real on Zion Williamson’s ceiling or why the Philadelphia 76ers perpetually fail, brutal honesty is a trademark of the former Duke product.

It was more of the same this week.

During a recent conversation with Andre Iguodala on The Old Man & The Three podcast, Redick finally opened up about why his infamous Lob City Clippers teams constantly failed.

“I’ve said this a million times, later on in my Clippers run, there was a sense of pettiness, and we weren’t necessarily happy for each other’s success,” he said. “And I think that happens.”

At that point, Redick put it even more bluntly.

“In order to be excited for someone else’s success, you have to be willing to sacrifice something,” he said.

At the end of the day, the Lob City Clippers simply lacked the integral traits necessary for a title run.

Fortunately, one member of that group has been saving himself for years in anticipation of finally capturing that elusive title, and he may end up righting past wrongs with the Brooklyn Nets next season.

As for Redick, as many as three teams have recently expressed interest in adding him. Maybe before it’s all said and done he’ll finally land in a situation that leaves him with a ring as well.

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