Ivana Knoll’s Outfit At Miami Heat Game Causes A Stir (Photos)

Ivana Knoll’s Outfit At Miami Heat Game Causes A Stir (Photos)

Ivana Knoll, also known as Miss Croatia, rose to international prominence during the 2022 World Cup.

The Instagram model-turned-influencer wore a number of extremely thought-provoking outfits to the event which in turn significantly added to her Instagram fan totals.

As of early 2023, Knoll now boasts more than 3.6 million followers on the platform.

This week, Knoll capitalized on her newfound celebrity and attended an NBA game between the Miami Heat and Brooklyn Nets.

Knoll’s outfit, in particular, really caused a stir.


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“She’s a Miami girl now,” one fan wrote.

“That’s why K.D. got injured,” another fan wrote.

Knoll made a pretty bold promise regarding what she would do if Croatia won the 2022 World Cup, but obviously that didn’t end up happening.

As a result, the 26-year-old has been making the media rounds and attending various public events to grow her profile. This most recent post about her meeting Drake doesn’t leave much to the imagination:

This has been a big year for models attending NBA games and distracting star players with their outfit choices. It happened earlier in the season with Nikola Jokic and the Denver Nuggets, too.

While Knoll’s presence at their recent game certainly lifted spirits, it is also undeniable that Miami’s season hasn’t gone as planned thus far.

After coming within a game of the NBA Finals in their 2021-22 NBA campaign, they have failed to really replicate that level of success in 2022-23 thus far.

Currently the Heat are 24-20 and seventh in the Eastern Conference.

At the moment, the front office is only being linked to one fairly significant move ahead of the NBA Trade Deadline.

Other than that, it looks like the Heat will simply stay pat and hope that getting healthy will be enough to turn this season around.

Will Miami be able to build on their current three-game winning streak and make some noise in the second half of the season? Time will tell.

If they do, though – Knoll will probably make it a point to attend games during their playoff run.

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