Isiah Thomas Takes Brutal Shot At Michael Jordan

Isiah Thomas Takes Brutal Shot At Michael Jordan

Isiah Thomas doesn’t have much love for Michael Jordan. Despite both being legendary players whose records speak for themselves, their animosity for one another is well-documented.

This week, their feud took a fresh turn.

In a now-viral post, Thomas specifically identified Kareem-Abdul Jabbar and LeBron James as the NBA’s two GOATs.

But he didn’t stop there. During an episode of the ‘ETCs’ podcast with Kevin Durant, Thomas further minimized Jordan’s accomplishments.

“If you put Kevin Durant in the triple post, and he gets to post up like Jordan posted up… If you put Kevin Durant in the triple post in the mid-range, you know… Hell yeah! You see what I mean… We can’t triple-team you in the mid-range in the triple post, you win six of them too. And the same thing with LeBron.”

This isn’t the first time Thomas has said something like this. He has previously weighed in on the LeBron vs MJ debate with a similarly polarizing view.

Thomas has also, on more than one occasion, called Jordan out for what he perceives to be as various indignities.

Big picture, opinions will vary on the substance of Thomas’ critique. But one thing is beyond debate: the relationship between him and Jordan will never be repaired.

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