Isiah Thomas Delivers Brutal Message To Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson

Isiah Thomas Delivers Brutal Message To Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson

Detroit Pistons legend Isiah Thomas has never been one to bite his tongue.

Whether he is speaking out on teams he played against or players he competed with, he always keeps it real.

And it was more of the same this week.

During a recent conversation with Channing Frye on ‘Full-Bodied’ Thomas delivered a brutal message to the likes of Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson.

“All of them, all of them,” he said. “All them people that they say are the best to ever do it, my teams beat all them …. We were probably the best defensive team to ever play in the NBA. … The highest scoring game ever in the NBA is held by who, the Detroit Pistons at 186 points.”

It’s hard to argue with Thomas’ assessment. The facts of the Bad Boys Pistons’ run speak for themselves. Moreover, the disrespect that group gets historically relative to other championship squads is staggering.

Anyone would have a chip on their shoulder.

Thomas is generally pretty blunt when discussing hoops, as evidenced by when he weighed in on the Jordan vs LeBron James debate. As such, his directness as it pertains to his Pistons and what they accomplished shouldn’t come as much of a shock.

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