Is Tom Brady To The Chargers A Done Deal?

Is Tom Brady To The Chargers A Done Deal?

Is Tom Brady To The Chargers A Done Deal?

Is Tom Brady to the Chargers a done deal?

It is increasingly beginning to look that way.

Regardless of whether the New England Patriots win or lose the Super Bowl this year, it appears as though Brady’s time with the organization is coming to an end.

He has been very non-committal about returning throughout the entire season and there is a reason for that.

There has been a lot of chatter in recent weeks that the California native might be eyeing a return home.

With Philip Rivers and the LA Chargers seemingly going their separate ways after this past season, Brady could fit in seamlessly in his place.

It would make sense for all parties involved.

Brady would get to be in LA, where he clearly wants to spend the non-playing portion of his career.

The Chargers would get a marquee superstar and a reason for anyone in Los Angeles to care about the organization.

According to Bart Scott of ESPN, Brady to LA would be a good move all around.

“Well, if we’re going to play quarterback musical chairs and we think maybe Philip Rivers is going to go to the Colts, I think the perfect destination for Tom Brady would be the Chargers.

“You talk about their skill set. He’d be going home. They’re going to their new stadium this year. They need to fill that stadium. They’re not filling a soccer stadium. So when they move there, you talk about creating some sizzle.

“There’s a lot of Patriots fans that are out on the West Coast, he’s a West Coast guy. I think he still has something to prove because we’ve had this argument for years, whether it’s Bill (Belichick) or if it’s Brady,” he continued.

“I think Brady wants to prove he can win without him. Going out there with Anthony Lynn, with a team with a tremendous tight end in (Hunter) Henry.

“You think about Keenan Allen, maybe one of the best receivers he’d ever play with and the (Mike) Williams kid is a splash.

“Even if they don’t bring back (Melvin) Gordon, they still have (Austin) Ekeler. I think he’d have some of the best weapons he’s had in years.”

Will Brady really end up with the Chargers? It seemed farfetched when the rumors initially began spreading, but at this point it feels like where there’s smoke there has to be fire.

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  1. If you’re right, I’ll eat my words… but hell no! Terrific Tom will always be a Patriot. And this is coming from a Colts fan. He’s the GOAT.

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