Is Matt Nagy Getting Fired After Bears’ Latest Embarrassing Loss?

Is Matt Nagy Getting Fired After Bears’ Latest Embarrassing Loss?

The Chicago Bears lost to the Detroit Lions 34-30 on Sunday after leading the majority of the way. After the outing, Matt Nagy once again stepped up to the plate to explain why his team continuously suffers one humiliating defeat after another.

“We’ve been on the other end of so many of these,” he said.

“Now to have a lead like this and lose this way, it stings. It hurts. They all sting. They all hurt. I think you could feel the excitement on the sideline for our guys to come out and have that energy and be able to put points up on the board. I thought our guys, we did that.”

A week after falling to the Green Bay Packers in a fashion that Nagy described as “disappointing,” Chicago collapsed even harder this time around for the team’s fifth straight loss.

“This is the life in sports,” Nagy added.

“It’s not easy. It’s not fun when you lose. And the only thing you can do is continue to support each other, just fight for one another and understand that it’s not because of lack of trying.”

At a certain point, Nagy will have to answer for what a disaster this season has been. Yes, the quarterback situation is rough. Sure, the overall makeup of this roster isn’t great. But good coaches can overcome obstacles – and Nagy simply isn’t a good coach.

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