Pat McAfee On Why Tom Brady And Bruce Arians Can’t Coexist

Pat McAfee On Why Tom Brady And Bruce Arians Can’t Coexist

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers were considered an early preseason Super Bowl favorite. The combination of Tom Brady’s skill and Bruce Arians’ offensive wherewithal was supposed to be enough to guide all parties involved to the promise land.

Unfortunately, more than halfway through the season, the Bucs seem to have some very real problems. Chief among them: Brady and Arians seemingly not getting along.

This week, Pat McAfee did his best to breakdown what the issue is.

“I think the Tom Brady-Bill Belichick thing when it comes to dealing with criticism, Tom Brady has dealt with that a lot internally,” McAfee said.

“Now public scrutiny from your head coach in press conferences, it’s very interesting. I would have never expected this because I actually played for a team with Bruce Arians being the interim head coach when Chuck Pagano got Leukemia and a lot of those coaches down there are friends of mine, guys that I played for and a lot of them I know very well.

“I would not have expected the public statement from the coach about Tom Brady. I would assume Bruce Arians thinks that there’s a plan in this whole thing. But it has obviously not worked out to this point exactly how a lot of us thought it would be,” he continued.

“I mean with all those weapons with Tom Brady, with a defense that was very young last year that got good toward the end of the year, we thought Tampa would be able to move. But I think with the COVID protocols, not being able to go through OTAs, a normal thing to kind of adjust to everybody, I think it’s a weird year to begin with. I’m not 100-percent sure those two are gonna be together again next year in Tampa.”

Will Brady and Arians ultimately be able to put their differences aside and get on the same page? Time will tell.

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