Is Gracelyn Trimble Deleting Posts Amid Dalvin Cook Allegations?

Is Gracelyn Trimble Deleting Posts Amid Dalvin Cook Allegations?

Minnesota Vikings running back Dalvin Cook and his ex-girlfriend Gracelyn Trimble have accused one another of domestic abuse.

Both sides have produced a series of troubling photos, videos and text messages suggesting that the other is at fault.

The pair’s back-and-forth reached a new level on Tuesday when Trimble accused Cook of battery and false imprisonment in a lawsuit.

Cook’s attorneys, meanwhile, say he is being extorted by Trimble for millions of dollars and that he was in all actuality the victim of her domestic abuse.

On Wednesday, in the aftermath of all the attention that her exchanges with Cook had received, Trimble reportedly opted to scrub her social media.

According to BSO, she “made her Instagram page private and deleted all the photos from there,” “deleted all the photos from her Facebook page,” and “deleted her Twitter account entirely after people started digging through the tweets and found some problematic ones.”

Is Gracelyn Trimble Deleting Posts Amid Dalvin Cook Allegations? 1

What were the tweets? This was apparently one of the big ones:

Is Gracelyn Trimble Deleting Posts Amid Dalvin Cook Allegations? 2

The fallout from this situation, just days in, has already been massive. Even ESPN NFL reporters are getting caught in the cross fire.

On Wednesday, Cook himself addressed the matter in a chat with the media.

“I just want everybody to know I’m the victim in this situation and the truth and the details about the situation will come out at a further time,” he said.

“Like I said, I don’t want to go into further details about it,” Cook continued. “I know that the facts of the situation will come out and clear everything up that y’all are trying to get answers to.”

For Cook, it was about putting this episode behind him and moving on.

“Just seeing my business out on the social web is not ideal for me,” Cook said. “I try to walk that straight line but bumps and bruises come through life and it’s how you handle it. I’ve been through a lot of tough things in my life, and I’ve got my head up high knowing that the truth will come out. I hate being a distraction to the team, but I know those guys got my back 1,000%. Just going to take this thing day by day, and I know my team’s here for me and I’m there for them day by day.”

At this point neither the NFL nor the Vikings appear ready to penalize Cook in any way. They will seemingly let this process play out in the legal system.

Last year, the NFL had to deal with a situation where a player inflicted life-altering injuries on his girlfriend for refusing to bow. This, at the moment, doesn’t appear to rise to that level.

That said, if the courts ultimately find that Cook was in fact in the wrong here – don’t be surprised if both the league and the Vikings act swiftly and aggressively in response.

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