Is Dave Portnoy Losing Barstool Fans Over DDTG Wall Street Shtick?

Is Dave Portnoy Losing Barstool Fans Over DDTG Wall Street Shtick?

Is Dave Portnoy Losing Barstool Fans Over DDTG Wall Street Shtick?

Is Barstool Sports boss Dave Portnoy losing fans over the DDTG Wall Street shtick he developed during Covid-19 when every major sport got cancelled?

It depends on who you ask.

Portnoy’s streams on Twitter are immensely popular by any objective measure. Both his live videos and the pre-recorded ones do massive numbers – which is understandable given the sort of reach he has on social media. Moreover, his tweets pertaining to the market also do very impressive engagement figures.

That being said, there are signs that some of his original followers, the ones that signed on for him ranting about sports and various Boston sports franchises, are tiring of his shtick.

On Monday, a post appeared on the Barstool Sports subreddit entitled, “Dave has to realize at this point that nobody cares” and specifically citing his Wall Street-related videos.

“I don’t really pay much attention to Dave’s content anymore except for twitter. Think his quarantine content has gotten old,” wrote one user with 219 upvotes.

“Dave’s audience is now just people interested in stocks and not stoolies (besides the kids who worship him),” wrote another with 108 upvotes.

The big question is: will these complaints matter?

Portnoy is still doing massive numbers on social media, and losing a few old Barstool fans does not seem like a particularly big deal when you gain just as many, if not more, news ones.

Portnoy’s decision to focus on stocks was spurned on by a lack of sports to cover. Sports are now coming back. It will be interesting to see if he dials down the market talk in favor of returning to baseball and basketball, or if he continues doing what he has been doing for the past few months.

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