Cam Newton Reveals Secret To His Comeback

Cam Newton Reveals Secret To His Comeback

Cam Newton Reveals Secret To His Comeback

Cam Newton made headlines earlier in the month when he signed with the New England Patriots.

Given that the 2015 league MVP had spent the entirety of his career with the Carolina Panthers up to this point, him joining any new organization would have been a shocker. However, something about him stepping in and replacing Tom Brady really took things to another level.

Newton has battled injuries for each of the past three seasons – but when at full strength, he is one of the NFL’s absolute best quarterbacks.

So how does Newton plan to deal with the injury issues that have plagued him over the last few seasons? A new diet.

“I’ve seen such a remarkable change in the way my body responds to the food that I eat,” he said recently.

“I don’t want people to think you can’t love food being vegan, or there’s not good-tasting food that’s vegan. A person may ask, ‘How do you get your protein?’ … You get it in the same way that they get it, know what I’m saying? The more cleaner, more fresher way.”

Although Newton being named New England’s starting quarterback is not a lock, things seem to be trending in that direction. His only real competition are Jarrett Stidham, who has yet to play any meaningful NFL snaps, and vet Brian Hoyer.

If Newton can stay healthy, all signs point to him running the offense for the Patriots come 2020-21.

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