Is A Blockbuster Tua Tagovailoa Trade Brewing?

Is A Blockbuster Tua Tagovailoa Trade Brewing?

Tua Tagovailoa had a perfectly normal rookie campaign with the Miami Dolphins this year. It came with its fair shares of highs and lows, as is typically the case when any first-year quarterback takes over an offense.

For whatever reason, Tagovailoa’s Dolphins teammates have absolutely zero patience for his development. As soon as the season concluded, they mercilessly and publicly ridiculed him for his inefficiencies. It got so bad that at one point head coach Brian Flores had to come out and speak on the matter.

Due to the apparent tension between Tagovailoa and some of his teammates, it should come as no surprise that his name is being floated in several trade conversations.

The former Alabama standout has most often been discussed in a potential deal for Deshaun Watson of the Houston Texans.

This week, a new team emerged as a possible trade candidate: the Seattle Seahawks.

Given Russell Wilson’s much-publicized gripes with his organization, most are assuming that a trade is inevitable.

According to ESPN NFL insider Bill Barnwell, a deal between Miami and Seattle centering around Tagovailoa and Wilson could solve the problems of all parties involved.

In the proposed trade, the Seahawks get Tagovailoa, the 18th and 81st overall picks in 2021, and a 2022 first-round pick. The Dolphins, meanwhile, get Wilson.

Adding Wilson immediately turns Miami into a Super Bowl threat, especially if the Buffalo Bills ultimately take the step back many expect them to in the AFC East. Seattle, meanwhile, gets a promising young quarterback to build around and tons of draft capital.

A clear win-win.

Will this swap go down? Maybe. Should it? If the Seahawks can’t fix things with Wilson, they’ll be hard-pressed to get anything better.

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