Is A Big Trade Brewing Between Lakers, Suns?

Is A Big Trade Brewing Between Lakers, Suns?

The Los Angeles Lakers failed to make the playoffs last season, leading many to speculate regarding the franchise’s ability to contend for a title going forward.

At the same time, the Phoenix Suns got trounced in the second round of the playoffs by a Dallas Mavericks squad that, on paper, was nowhere near as good as them. That step back for the Suns from their NBA Finals run one season earlier also led to a lot of introspection about potential problems and how to fix them.

Given that the Lakers and Suns are in a state of flux, a lot of rumors have been floated about possible moves the two teams might make in the foreseeable future.

In a recent conversation with NBA insider Sean Deveney, one Western Conference executive suggested a trade between the Lakers and Suns.

“Phoenix would be an interesting fit too, once [Deandre] Ayton can be traded,” the executive said.

“They could do Cam Johnson and Ayton, something like that. I am sure some in L.A. would expect a big return for [Anthony] Davis but with the injuries the last few years, it would be tough to trade him. There’s a lot of reasons why they’d keep him but that is one – you’re not going to get fair value because of the injuries.”

The Lakers have recently been linked to a potential trade with the Chicago Bulls, as well as another intriguing swap with the Utah Jazz.

Phoenix, meanwhile, was linked to a potentially blockbuster trade a few weeks back – but nothing materialized on that front.

Is there a deal that could occur between the Lakers and Suns that could prove to be a winning combination for all parties involved?

Time will tell.

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Jennifer Withers Hoey

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