Is A Big Ben Simmons Trade Brewing Between Hawks, 76ers?

Is A Big Ben Simmons Trade Brewing Between Hawks, 76ers?

The Atlanta Hawks played a central role in creating the Philadelphia 76ers’ Ben Simmons problem.

Because of how well they defended him in last year’s Eastern Conference semis, and as a result of Simmons’ teammates subsequently throwing him under the bus, he demanded a trade and refused to play any further games in Philly.

What ensued was a months-long stalemate that has cost Simmons a lot of money and caused nothing but headaches for the Sixers.

Now, the Hawks may also be the answer to the problem.

According to Chris Kirschner of The Athletic, don’t sleep on the prospect of a Simmons-to-Atlanta deal.

“The Hawks have the means to take big swings to improve the roster if they wanted to do so,” he wrote.

“Ben Simmons, one of the game’s best defenders, remains available. I’ve mentioned before how much his defense would be welcomed, and he could be the point guard when Young sits, as he’s one of the game’s best passers too.”

The only real issue here is that this Hawks team has also proven adept at throwing its stars under the bus after poor performances. You will recall, Trae Young was engaged in a pretty nasty beef with his own teammates at one point.

It will be interesting to see where all parties involved go from here.

The Sixers and Lakers have engaged in conversations regarding Simmons, and the Cleveland Cavaliers have also expressed interest.

Beyond that, multiple NBA teams have come forward with various offers, only to get swatted away by Philly brass for not meeting the desired asking price.

One way or another – time is running out to get something done. If the Sixers don’t make a move by the NBA Trade Deadline, they’re stuck with their disgruntled star.

Who will ultimately blink first in this showdown between Philly and Simmons? Time will tell.

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