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Incredible Nick Saban Recruiting Video Leaks Out

Incredible Nick Saban Recruiting Video Leaks Out

Nick Saban is arguably the greatest coach in college football history. Part of the reason for his continued success has been his top-tier strategic game-planning. He simply outworks opposing coaches in that regard on a consistent basis. That’s why the NFL rumors continue to lurk.

The other key to Saban’s success? Expert-level recruiting.

This week, video leaked out of Saban on a Zoom recruiting call with five-star weak-side defensive end prospect Enai White.

It was a sight to see.

“We’ve won six championships in the last 11 years,” Saban said. “We’ve been in the national championship game eight out of the last 11 years — and we’ve been to the playoff nine out of the last 11 years. We’ve got more guys drafted than any other school in the country. I had 64 guys playing in the league last year — the next school had 41. We’ve got way more guys playing in the league than anyone else.”

Saban also made it a point to address one of the big things people use to tear Alabama down in recruits’ mind: the gluttony of talent on the roster. Opposing schools suggest that because of all the star power at the Crimson Tide’s disposal, inevitably certain recruits won’t get playing time.

“Everyone’s going to tell you in recruiting, ‘Don’t go to Alabama. You can play at our school before you play there — they’ve got all those good players there, you won’t be able to play. You can play at our place earlier.’ I think that’s the worst stuff people can tell you,” Saban said.

“First of all, when the tell you that — that’s insulting. I wouldn’t be sitting here talking to you if I didn’t think you could play here. Number two, when they say you can play at our place before you can play at Alabama — they’re just telling you Alabama is better than them.”

White is the second-ranked ranked WDE in the 2022 class, just behind No. 1 ranked Jeremiah Alexander.

Where does Alexander plan to play? Alabama.

Saban’s pitch works because it’s true. Just look at what a brief stint as the Crimson Tide’s starter did to Mac Jones’ professional prospects. The same is true for Devonta Smith’s NFL aspirations.

The cream rises to the top – and history has proven that it will happen to the fortunate few that get to be coached by Saban at Alabama.

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