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Colin Cowherd On Nick Saban Leaving Alabama, Going To NFL

Colin Cowherd On Nick Saban Leaving Alabama, Going To NFL

Urban Meyer made headlines last week when he joined the Jacksonville Jaguars as the organization’s next head coach. After 17 years and three National Championships at the collegiate level, the 56-year-old will try his hand at the next level. To his credit, he has already hit the ground running with some big moves.

Meyer’s decision prompted Fox Sports Radio broadcaster Colin Cowherd to openly wonder why Alabama head coach, Nick Saban, won’t try his hand at coaching in the NFL again.

“Why isn’t anyone in the NFL calling Nick Saban?” he wondered. “‘Well, he’s too old!’ We just had two Presidential candidates, one was 78, and one was 74 to run the country and the 78-year-old won. Thar’s four years of global travel. Nick Saban is a non-drinker, a non-smoker, and is an Energizer Bunny. He’s burning 16,000 calories every game screaming at people. Does he look old? Pete Carroll is 69 and he just signed a five-year extension.

“Nick Saban is 69 years old and takes care of his body. I think he’s in great shape and he’s lost weight. Belichick is 68, Coach K is 73, Gregg Popovich is 76, and Jim Boeheim is 76. You don’t think Saban could get the Houston Texans right? You don’t think Saban could go to Tampa if Bruce Arians isn’t the guy next year with Brady and that roster?

“He wasn’t a disaster in the NFL. He was 9-7 in his first year in Miami. The team doctors wouldn’t let him sign Drew Brees, he went 6-10, and then he said ‘cya, I’m going off to Tuscaloosa.’

“Why isn’t anyone calling him? We’ve got guys who have never even been a high school head coach getting offered NFL jobs… You don’t think Saban would mop up in the Draft for the next four years? He would crush.”

Cowherd also pushed back on the narrative that Saban’s memorably ugly tenure with the Miami Dolphins should preclude him from ever coaching in the NFL again.

“Spurrier was a disaster in the NFL, Nick wasn’t,” Cowherd insisted. “What did Belichick do this year without a quarterback? Nobody can win without one.”

While it’s unlikely that Saban will actually take Cowherd up on his advice, it’s hard to argue with a lot of his logic. Seeing Saban try his hand at the NFL one last time before retirement would answer a lot of questions and could potentially erase a dark blotch on his record. It’s not like he has anything left to prove at Alabama – so why not try a new challenge?

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