How Much Super Bowl Commercials Cost In 2020

How Much Super Bowl Commercials Cost In 2020

How Much Super Bowl Commercials Cost In 2020

How much do Super Bowl commercials cost in 2020?

With the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers set to square off in Super Bowl LIV on Sunday, football fans are in for a real treat.

As far as competitive stylistic match-ups go, you cannot get much better than this one.

Football fans are not the only people who tune in to the Super Bowl, though.

Casual observers watch the biggest sporting event of the year as well, and many of them do it because they enjoy the commercials that air.

Super Bowl ads are widely regarded as the holy grail of TV commercial time. The cost of running one is through the roof, and it goes up on an annual basis.

So how much do commercials cost in 2020?

With 100 million set to tune in this weekend, 30-second commercial spots are set to cost $5.6 million this year.

For reference sake, in 2019, that number was $5.2 million.

“More and more, Hollywood studios are migrating to the pregame and postgame shows, where an ad can cost half as much,” notes The Hollywood Reporter.

“This year, a 30-second spot airing during Super Bowl LIV carries a steep price tag of $5.6 million, up from $5.2 million last year.”

Which commercials will ultimately come out with the best ads of the year?

We will get our answer once and for all come Sunday, February 2.

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